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Dished Heads

The production of dished heads, necessary for the manufacturing of pressure vessels, boilers, tanks and other elements for the process industry, is also an integral part of the activity of DMB. The dished heads are made of carbon steel or austenitic Cr-Ni steel.

The technical capacities of the equipment type BOLDRINI offer the possibility of producing various types of dished heads by cold shaping, rolling treatment, and according the following specifications:


Carbon steel dished heads

D min = 750 [mm];
D max = 750 [mm];
S min= 5[mm]-   minimal thickness sheet metal
before processing;

S max= 35[mm]-  maximal thickness sheet metal
before processing;

УЅ >= 450-500 N/[mm]2 – boiler sheet type H II
according to DIN 17155,
(H I - H III) 17 Mn 4. . .

УP = 260 N/[mm]2 -    structural steel type
St. 37.2 по DIN 17.100, St 50-2, St...


Austenit Cr-Ni steel dished heads

D min= 750 [mm]
D max= 4000[mm]
S min.=5mm - minimal thickness sheet metal
before processing;

S max.=25mm - maximal thickness sheet metal
before processing;

УS =< 750 N/[mm]2

УP = 300 N/[mm]2


DMB can also perform additional operations on the dished heads and produce dished heads according to the exact requirements of the clients.


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