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Pressure Vessels

DMB is а certified manufacturer of pressure vessels.

The vessels are made of:

- carbon steel and, if necessary, can be internally and externally protected with anti-corrosion coatings;

- stainless steel.

They are used for storage of substances with pressures greater than 1bar and a volume up to 200m3. The thickness of the walls is made up to 40mm, with a diameter up to 4000mm, according to thecustomerneeds and exact requirements.

Depending on the substance, they can be externally thermoisolated.

By applying the welding procedures REL, MIG / MAG, TIG and EPP, and according to the technical and technological capacities of the equipment, DMB offers pressure vessels that satisfy all international standards and certifications.

Highlights form our range of products:
  Underground vessels for LPG with V = 1.0-200 [m3], with a pressure of Pr=16,7 bar

  Aboveground vessels for LPG with V = 1.0-200 [m3], with a pressure of Pr=16,7 bar

  Vessels for liquid CO2 with V = 1-100 [m3], with a pressure of Pr=25 bar

  Vessels for gaseous O2 with V = 5-30 [m3], with a pressure of Pr=26 bar

  NH3 vessels with V = 5-30 [m3] and a pressure of Pr=22.5 bar

  Compressed air vessels with V = 100l - 25 [m3], and with pressures of Pr= 6-60 bar

  Expansion pressure vessels V= 0,80 – 20m3

Expansion vessel can be closed and membrane expansion vessels with V = 8 - 1000l
  Hidrofoare V= 90 – 3000l

  Vessels for compressed low-temperature substances with V = 1 - 20 [m3], the working pressure is adapted to customer needs

Pressure Vessels
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