Shelle boiler BKG 80a Steam distribution splitter with pressure Pr=12 bar Hot water shell boiler BTK 300 Steam Boiler for production of dry saturated steam type BVP 500
Abou DMB PRoduction



    Created in 1953 as a company for the installation of electrical, water and central heating systems, DMB progressively grew and became a manufacturer of:

    • Pressure vessels
    • Boilers
    • Hot water storage tanks
    • Fuel tanks
    • Heat exchangers
    • Dish heads
    • Compressor stations
    While developing its production activities, the company started to expend to Balkan countries’ markets, to Russia, Eastern Europe and Middle East, and in the recent years to the EU markets, particularly the German and the Italian market.


    With more than 60 years of experience, DMB today is present in the market with a large range of products intended for industries that use: pressure vessels for propane butane, liquid CO2, compressed oxygen and other substances; dish heads in various shapes; various types of industrial boilers; unpressurized storage tanks; low- temperature substances tanks; hot water storage tanks; heat exchangers and filters for drinking and waste water treatment.
    Besides the standard production, DMB is also well-known for its technical capacity for tailor-made solutions for the process industry, based either on clients design or on a whole service of design, manufacturing and installation of:

    • Compressor stations
    •  Steam generation facilities
    • Other type of equipment

    The company manufactures products and develops solutions for leading companies in the petrol, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

    All products of DMB are subject to internal quality control performed by qualified and certified personnel which, depending on the standard of each product, includes the following tests:

    • Radiographic testing (RT)
    • Ultrasonic testing (UT)
    • Liquid penetrant testing (PT)
    • Magnetic particle inspection (MT)
    • Visual and dimensional examination (VT)


    On a total indoor and outdoor surface of 40.000m2, DMB has several production halls, including one with double production area with dimensions 45x110m, allowing it to simultaneously conduct more than one production process.  
    The equipment of DMB is produced by renowned manufacturers such as Messer Griescheim, Esab, Kpautkromer, Jena, Philips, Cooperheat, Demag.

    A workforce of 120 people, including engineers, technicians, certified welders and other highly qualified workers, is in charge of the elaboration of the products and the solutions proposed by the company.


    The priorities of the development of DMB are focused on the effort of obtaining the highest level of client`s satisfaction in terms of quality, price and deadlines, with a full respect of the needs of the employees, the community and the environment.

    Therefore, DMB puts continuous effort in the improvement of the products and the services providedto the clients. The managing team of the company is particularly attentive to the fulfillment of the highest international safety standards.

    Pressure Vessels
    Industrial Boilers
    Tanks for different media
    Heat Exchangers
    Dished Heads
    Filters for water processing