Shelle boiler BKG 80a Steam distribution splitter with pressure Pr=12 bar Hot water shell boiler BTK 300 Steam Boiler for production of dry saturated steam type BVP 500

DMB manufactures products and develops solutions for leading companies in the petrol, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Some of our references:
Toplifikacija Skopje (District Heating system of Skopje), Macedonia
Knauf, Macedonia
Gama Power Systems, Turkey
Te- To, Combined Cycle Power Plant, Skopje, Macedonia
OKTA refinery Macedonia, Hellenic petroleum group, Greece
Linde, Germany
Lukoil Macedonia
EG LNG Holding, Equatorial Guinea
Marathon Oil Corporation, Equatorial Guinea
FENI Industry, Macedonia
Messer, Germany
SOL SEE, SOL Group, Italy
Brewery Skopje, Heineken group Macedonia
Coca-cola Company Macedonia
Bloom engineering Germany
Sharrcem SH.P.K Kosovo, Titan Group Greece

Pressure Vessels
Industrial Boilers
Tanks for different media
Heat Exchangers
Dished Heads
Filters for water processing